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More “Little” Art

Grayson Fogg has just added three new pieces  to his line of smaller, more affordable spooky art, available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheAutumnlandsautumn 6 cb 001Autumn 3 cb 001autumn 5 001


Goodbye, August

Not being a creature of heat or sunlight, I’m usually ready for the end of summer by mid-spring. But the end of August brings another bonus: the next EHAG Emporium. Mr. Grayson Fogg has a 3D offering this time. Here’s a teaser…IMG_0395 re72 (2)teaser

Sculpt Commission

Mr. Fogg has spent the past couple of weeks working on a commission. It wouldn’t normally have taken so long, but the size of the piece (24″) precluded working in polymer clay, and, like myself, he has no studio, so working in modelling clay and casting was not an option. This left paper clay (over extruded foam bulk-up, over an armature of wore and wood dowels on a base of wood plaques and a bannister topper), which dries so quickly it must be worked in sections. This is less than ideal, and requires carving and reshaping when dry, then the application of more clay, reshaping when dry, etc. etc. Anyway, here are some WIP shots of the project. More to follow…IMG_0326IMG_0329IMG_0333IMG_0337IMG_0338