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New Commissions

The title says it all: Here are a couple of new Abbey commissions. Thank you for your attention.cmsn. abbey harem re 001Abbey Vampi cmsn 001


Still Alive

Sorry for the prolonged absence. Too much to do, too little of me to do it all.  Here are a couple of new Abbeys, by way of apology.cmsn. abbey cancan 001cmsn. abbey ming 001


Just a quick note to announce that I’m accepting commissions again. As proof, here’s a basic price list (gray tones also available, as are full-pencil renderings and color)…price list 9-1-15 001…along with two recent commissions (the ones I can post here, that is): a Spider Gwen, and a Velma. I’ve always liked Velma, but not being a very comics-literate guy (I know, go figure), this is the first I’ve ever heard of Spider Gwen. Most superhero costumes look silly to me, but this one seems more practical. If you’re gonna dress up and fight crime, this is a pretty cool look. (I also like that she carries a backpack. I mean, you’re gonna need stuff out there, right?) As for Velma…smart and cute? What more could you want? cmsn. spidergwen1 001acmsn velma 001

Flash Sale

Okay, so you know how you’ve all been complaining that there just aren’t enough places to buy my work? No? Well, here’s another one anyway. On June 20th, EHAG is running a 24-hour Midsummer Night’s Scream Sale, from dawn till dusk. Grayson Fogg will be offering several pieces at reduced prices, and I, myself, will have two brand new, never-before-seen pieces for sale. Here’s a couple of teasers of the latter. Remember, that’s the 20th, at http://ehagemporium.blogspot.com/Haughty cleaned 002A New Bride cleaned 001 (3)

Deja Vu piece

I recently added a cover image of my witch character (from years ago), Deja Vu, from the comic of the same name, to the work I have available through Fine Art America ( http://fineartamerica.com/featured/flying-high-richard-moore.html ).deja vu cover pink top While I was looking for some unrelated artwork (I know it’s hard to imagine a disorganized artist, but trust me, I’m good at it), I happened upon some very early character designs for Deja. I was obviously very influenced by Disney and other animated films at the time (look at that face! jeez!), and envisioned the books to feature lots of cool, fluid flying scenes. It wound up being much more quirky and gritty, and obviously the design changed a lot. But shape-shifting familiar  ‘Wulf is probably relieved that we never got to see him in his poodle form.early deja design 001early deja design2 001