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Getting Burned

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My good friend Grayson Fogg just got burned by this gallery, likely mentioned here in previous posts. He sent several pieces (at his expense–to Australia), which he’ll never see again. They aren’t even communicating with artists. So be cautious whenever you trust anyone with original work…


Upcoming Gallery Show

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My good friend, Grayson Fogg, has been fortunate enough to be included in a show at The Auguste Clown Gallery, in Australia, from October 31st through November 23rd.  It’s a truly international show, with some of my absolute favorite artists participating, including Absurd Toys, Abbybelle, Alec Huxley, Augie Pagan, Avery Palmer, Benjamin Lukas, Bennett Slater, Bev Hogue, Buddy Nestor, Casey Weldon, Cat Rabbit, Cheshire Street, Chet Zar, Chris Haas, Clare Toms, Cody Williams, Dan Harding, Dave Burke, Dave Kohlmon, David Richardson, Don Picton, Double Parlour, Emi Slade, Eric Alos, Eric van Straaten, Eva Devon, Frank Forte, Geoffrey Gersten, Grayson Fogg, Horrible Adorables by Jordan Elise, Inga Lena, Irene Garcia, Jake Waldron, Jasmine Worth, Jason Hite, Jed Leiknes, Jeff Christensen, Jen Musatto, Joanna Mulder, Joe Scarano, John Pinkerton, Jonathan Payne, Joshua Harker, Kamilla Mlynarczyk, Kane Kokaris, Kat Caro, Lacey Bryant, Larkin, Lee Harvey Roswell, Lori Nelson, Mai-Ja, Mark Brown, Martin Tomsky, Matthew Dutton, Matthew Levin, Melanie Ashton, Paul Welsh, Puzgle, Ramon Maiden, Rudy Faber, Sandra Arteaga, Selena Leardini, ShirrStone Shelter Dolls, Steph Sciullo, Steve Ferrera, Tate Steinsiek, Tim Lee, Tokyo Jesus, Vincent Cacciotti, and  Zombienose. (As I understand it, now that I’ve helped to promote the show, all the participating artists are required, by law, to provide me with a free sketch. I’m pretty sure about that.) Anyone in the area would be wise to stop by and check out all the Halloween art awesomeness. HALLOWEEN_POSTER_FINAL (2) You can also visit Auguste Clown online ( ) to see the kind of amazing stuff they have. Very cool.