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Getting Burned

My good friend Grayson Fogg just got burned by this gallery, likely mentioned here in previous posts. He sent several pieces (at his expense–to Australia), which he’ll never see again. They aren’t even communicating with artists. So be cautious whenever you trust anyone with original work…  http://fitzroyalty.net/2016/05/24/auguste-clown-gallery-johnston-st-accused-stealing-artists/


In-Progress Sculpts

Well, I’ve been away for awhile, mostly doing commissions of one sort or another, prepping for a big upcoming project (details soon to follow), and working toward getting an actual STUDIO…or at least a dedicated work space. Most of the commissions are private and not really appropriate for public display (use your imagination), but my friend Grayson Fogg just sent me some WIP shots of some sculpts he’s working on, so I thought I’d share those here…IMG_1223IMG_1220IMG_1212IMG_1209


Just a quick note to announce that I’m accepting commissions again. As proof, here’s a basic price list (gray tones also available, as are full-pencil renderings and color)…price list 9-1-15 001…along with two recent commissions (the ones I can post here, that is): a Spider Gwen, and a Velma. I’ve always liked Velma, but not being a very comics-literate guy (I know, go figure), this is the first I’ve ever heard of Spider Gwen. Most superhero costumes look silly to me, but this one seems more practical. If you’re gonna dress up and fight crime, this is a pretty cool look. (I also like that she carries a backpack. I mean, you’re gonna need stuff out there, right?) As for Velma…smart and cute? What more could you want? cmsn. spidergwen1 001acmsn velma 001