About Richard Moore

Boneyard voted Rue Morgue Magazine’s “Best Graphic Novel” for 2010

Hello, and welcome to my webpage. Many of you already know me and my work, and have been prodding me to get the web thing going for quite awhile. For everyone else, my name is Richard Moore, and I’m a writer and illustrator by trade. I started out in comics because of the storytelling potential (there’s no such thing as “not in the budget” when you simply draw anything you can imagine). My first series, Far West, is still surprisingly popular today. I’ve done numerous one-shots and miniseries through a number of publishers, but I’m probably best known for Boneyard, a horror-themed comedy series about a regular guy who inherits a cemetery inhabited by a group of misfit monsters.

These days I’m transitioning into children’s books, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m very excited about some of the projects I’m working on. Check in regularly, I’ll be posting samples and works-in-progress here.

Comics-wise, I’m the middle of my latest series, Gobs, which covers the ongoing antics and adventures of a group of goblins who build their own pub in the hollowed-out body of a dead giant. The emphasis is on humor and outlandish situations, but like Boneyard and the rest of my work, Gobs has an emotional core that I think will really resonate with readers. It’s coming from Antarctic Press at the end of June, 2011.

As for fun stuff like T-shirts, mugs, prints, etc., I’ll be linking from this page to deviantArt and Cafe Press. If you have any suggestions as to what kind of merchandise you’d like to see offered, please let me know. For anyone looking for original art, I’ll be linking to Space Goat Fine Art, and of course you can always contact me directly for commission requests.

Bibliography (by no means complete)

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Gobs, issue 1, ongoing series; Antarctic Press

16 Responses to “About Richard Moore”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Mike Lutrario, owner of M and T Comics and Cards, http://www.mntcomics.com. My main problem is that I am running out of sources to get your books. Back issues of Blue Grind, deja vu, and Short Strokes Vol.2 seem to be the toughest. If you have any copies of any of your books available for wholesale purchase please let me know.

    • Hi Mike, sorry for the incredible lateness of this reply. I’m only now figuring out the whole moderate/reply/post part of blogging.
      Anyway, to your point, I rarely receive many copies of my work, as I work with small publishers. I often have to go back to them and request copies myself when I need some for whatever reason. But that just makes them rare and valuable, right…?

  2. Hey Richard big fan of your art for a long time especially M’lady ;-) ;-) I have a quick question how much would the price be for a Richard Moore commission????

  3. Thanks so much for returning to boneyard, and I loved Macabre in a seperate but equal measure. I love the heart you put into all of it, every panel feels like a lobor of love. And I hinestly dont think I’ve ever laughed as hard and awkwardly as I do reading glump. You really knocked both projects out of the park this year. Sorry for gushing, I cant wait to see moore work as soon as you can. Thanks a million times over and more man, I really needed the laughs

    • Hey Zach–Funny, you just reminded me that this is the one place where I
      haven’t stated this to make it official, but as of fairly recently, I’m no longer
      in the comics business. Twenty years of putting everything I had into the worst-
      paying job I’ve ever had was enough. Sincerity and hard work mean nothing when you
      can’t get publishers to give a damn. I hope people enjoyed my modest contribution
      to the field. And thanks for the kind words, Zach. Always nice to hear.


      • Casey Bair Says:

        WHAT?!? Aw no, say it ain’t so Mr. Moore! From when I first ran across Boneyard in a British comic shop while serving overseas, finding it’s great characters a comfort, til now, I have greatly enjoyed your work (Fire & Brimstone, The Pound, Deju Vu, Far West, Horny Tails, Short Strokes; I have ‘em all) for it’s fine writing and amazing art! I’ve even been saving up to buy a piece from Mr. Meeley over at CFA (though sadly it looks like I’m too late for that, as it’s all taken down). The publishers may not give a damn, but I sure do; thank you for all the sincerity, all the hard work, all the heart, and all the great reads over the past…holy cow flinger, more than a decade that I’ve been reading you! Thank you, for all of it. I am going to miss ya’.

        ~ Casey in San Francisco

        P.S. And if Mr. Meeley ever puts more of your work back up, he needs to let me know. I’d go run a macabre graveyard for a year to make sure I get it. :)

      • ‘Fraid so. If only there had been a few thousand more of you… or
        if my publishers had tried a little!
        On the slightly better news side, James hasn’t stopped selling
        my work. He’s taken temporary leave to tend to some serious personal
        business. The pieces for sale should reappear when he returns.–R

      • Wow… Man that is the worst news I have heard in a long time.

        Your art style is incredible and honest, and easily one of the most interesting in the industry.

        As other have said you and your works will be sorely missed. Hopefully you will still attend a few cons and do a few commissions.

        Well, best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for the efforts and works produced to date!


  4. Aw no, Richard, I don’t want to believe this! The first issue of the revitalized Boneyard is wonderful! I love that you’ve advanced Michael and Abbey’s relationship. Does it really have to come to an end again so soon?

    • Unfortunately, yes. And I wouldn’t call twenty years too soon. I was really whistling past the graveyard, so to speak, with that Boneyard one-shot and the first (and last) issue of Macabre; trying desperately to get some numbers going with a personal publicity push and a last gasp of hope. But I would never have achieved success with either of the small publishers I was with, due to their limited resources and status quo mentality, and I lack the contacts to get on with a bigger publisher.
      But just to make it a little more painful, and just generally screw with people’s heads, consider this: The very foundation of what was going on in that Boneyard one-shot was not what it seemed…! A really big secret that would have rocked the whole Boneyard gang was to have unfolded in a subsequent mini series. Oh, well! Guess it wasn’t meant to be. (dramatic sigh)

      And by the way, just a comment–most of the above italics and bolds are not mine. This WordPress program has a mind of its own, and will not allow me to edit once something’s been posted, short of completely rewriting it. Nice quality control, guys.

  5. Hi Mr.Moore,

    I had the pleasure of speaking to you a few years ago when I interviewed you for Comic Book Resources. I am very sad to hear that you will no longer be working in the comics industry. I feel doubly sad because I just got my girlfriend hooked on Boneyard.

    I hope you have found a new source for your creative drive. I was wondering could I get a commission from you? I would love to give a sketch of the Boneyard crew for my girlfriend for x-mas and maybe one of Nessie to uh keep for my own collection.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Dave,
      I responded by email when I first got this, but apparently it didn’t go through. I just received it again via Facebook, but for some reason I can’t get any Facebook pages to load right now. Hopefully you’ll see this. Anyway, here’s what I said (too lazy to write it all again!):
      > Hi David,
      Glad to hear from you. Lately I’ve been concentrating on fine art, with an
      illustration sensibility ( http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/5-richard-moore.html
      and: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheAutumnlands ), but I’m looking at getting
      some writing projects going before the muzzled storyteller part of me explodes.
      I’m working on a number of commissions right now, so it would be a few weeks
      before I could get to it, but I can always put you down for one (or two, it sounds
      like). Do you know exactly what you want (i.e. pencils or inks, all the Boneyard
      characters, etc.)?
      Oh, and I don’t have a set date yet, but you can tell your girlfriend that I’m planning
      to do some Boneyard shorts on my blog in the near future…

  6. Dear Mr. Moore:
    Over the past few years, I have been accumulating information on comics that adapt the poem Beowulf or that feature or have characters named after those in the poem. I was recently directed to your 2000 Deja Vu books and I would like some insights and information, if you wouldn’t mind. Because the series was so short-lived, could you give me some idea of your use of the Beowulf character, such as why you chose that as a character name and how you think that you may have developed him/it if the series had run longer?
    Realistically, any information that you may want to include would be helpful. If you are interested, you can see my website in progress (beowulfin2d.weebly.com) to get an idea of the project and how I hope to incorporate your information.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year,
    Jim Bosomworth

    • Hi Jim,
      My apologies for getting back to you so late on this–and with so little to report. I’m afraid there’s not much to ‘Wulf’s naming, but I’ll share what there is.
      Way back (many centuries, and quite a few bodies ago), when Deja was utterly corrupted by her own power, she created “Wulf as her familiar, and allowed him to name himself. He chose Beowulf, which disgusted and disappointed his then-evil mistress, who would have preferred he go with Grendel (if he was going to reference a poem at all). Feigning ignorance about who was the hero and who was the monster in the story, he nonetheless stuck with the name, though he did shorten it to ‘Wulf to butch it up a bit for his demanding mistress.
      Not much there, as I said. Hope it helps.

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