Deja Vu piece

I recently added a cover image of my witch character (from years ago), Deja Vu, from the comic of the same name, to the work I have available through Fine Art America ( ).deja vu cover pink top While I was looking for some unrelated artwork (I know it’s hard to imagine a disorganized artist, but trust me, I’m good at it), I happened upon some very early character designs for Deja. I was obviously very influenced by Disney and other animated films at the time (look at that face! jeez!), and envisioned the books to feature lots of cool, fluid flying scenes. It wound up being much more quirky and gritty, and obviously the design changed a lot. But shape-shifting familiar  ‘Wulf is probably relieved that we never got to see him in his poodle form.early deja design 001early deja design2 001


One Response to “Deja Vu piece”

  1. The design you settled on in the end was a good choice; I think the short haircut lends itself to her character of a drifter of sorts better than the long luscious hair! Likewise not keeping Wulf a poodle was a good choice too.Seeing where it all started is really interesting though.

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