Buying Jewelry for a Good Cause

Hello All. A very nice lady in EHAG (the Eclectic Halloween Artitsts’ Guild–but it’s cooler to say “EHAG”) has a very sick doggy, named Esmirelda. The poor thing is trying to survive bladder stones and a kidney infection without surgery (the cost of which is prohibitive), but even so her vet bills are staggering. However, you–and anyone you might share this with–can help, and come away with a nice piece of jewelry to boot.  Just visit the link below, and purchase one of the lovely and reasonably priced items, and bask in the warm glow that comes from helping one of our helpless four-legged friends. It’s only a few bucks, and only a few minutes. And who could resist that face…?Esmirelda    And please, share this as much as possible. Esmirelda would do it for you… (That’s right, I’m not above guilt-tripping for a good cause!)


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