A minor rant

  Has anyone seen The Hawkeye Initiative? It’s mission is to “fix” every allegedly sexy/awkward female pose in comics by replacing the female character with the male character Hawkeye, to demonstrate how absurd and sexist the poses are. I’m sorry, I consider myself a feminist, but this project is ridiculous. Comics are already struggling pathetically; their primary remaining readership is overwhelmingly male. They use sexy images to draw in readers, and hopefully sell enough issues to keep afloat. Are the poses sometimes a bit silly and over-the-top? Of course. They are trying to sell the same old action and adventure they’ve been peddling from the beginning, so they try to make it a little more interesting visually. (We’re talking almost exclusively of superhero comics as the offenders under this premise.) I was known for strong female lead characters, and yes, I portrayed them as attractive and sexy (for the most part), though I did try to challenge certain standards. If I hadn’t, my small but loyal readership would likely have been nonexistent. Like any business, comics meet the demands of their market. If you want to “unisex-up” the poses, go after the people buying the comics with the images that are so “offensive”, not the artists and editors trying to make a living. If the general readership wanted the kinds of poses the Hawkeye Initiative seems to suggest, those poses would already be the norm. People are buying a fantasy: they WANT their superheroes to do things normal people can’t. (And are the POSES really the main thing that’s unrealistic in superhero comics? Really?) I suggest the folks behind The Hawkeye Initiative put out their own comic, adhering to their own lofty standards, and see how long they stay in business.

I’m done with the soapbox now.deja vu cover pink topPrints of my work now available at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/5-richard-moore.html


One Response to “A minor rant”

  1. I ran into this post while browsing for your commission info (which I have since found) and agree with you completely on this issue.

    I get what they are trying to do with the Hawkeye Initiative, but the entire thing seems like sort of a double standard given there are already a bevy of franchises that feature scantily clad/spandex clad impossibly muscled dudes in comics. Characters that are, by default design, always shirtless or always in a loin cloth.

    Though if it is exclusively the ‘sexy poses they are concerned about’ take initiative and make your own franchise about dudes pulling off sexy poses. If there is a market for what you are rallying so strongly behind then congrats on your new success! Surely if this is such an issue that it warrants it’s own ‘Initiative’ then you are just sitting on top of a gold mine, are you not? But trying to change a pre-existing standard borders dangerously close to censorship.

    It’s like campaigning for horror movies to be less violent, or rock music to be less loud; Don’t try to change the nature of pre-existing genres of a hobby, instead expand upon it with your own creative effort and let the hobby grow in flavors, not shrink.

    Normally I wouldn’t rant on this either, but we’re currently going through some similar “change it to our liking” attitudes in video games as well.

    This is why we appreciate artists that never censor or compromise their art like yourself.

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