This is a little last-minute, but I’m still getting a hand on this self-promotion thing.  In May, after a hiatus working on other  projects, I’m back to comics (and horror) with Macabre #1, the first of a series of one-shots from Antarctic Press. In case you haven’t seen the previews on my Facebook page, Macabre is a humorous, cheese-cakey take on horror anthologies like Creepy and Eerie. There’s horror, comedy, and sexy chicks –who could ask for more? The first issue features werewolves, ogres and pirate zombies, plus a pinup spread and a gallery of sexy–and deadly–ladies.
Also, don’t forget to check my Facebook page for even sneakier previews… if that’s a thing..


Macabre - Cover

Macabre – Cover

Macabre - 01

Page 1 from Macabre #1

Macabre - 03

Page 3 from Macabre #1

Macabre - 13

Page 13 from Macabre #1

Macabre - 14

Page 14 from Macabre #1

Boneyard: “The Bigenning”, a one-shot due out in late  July. Anxious to live up to the previous men in Abbey’s life, Paris takes a “self-improvement”potion…  and learns the old lesson, Be careful what you wish for.

Boneyard  - Cover

Boneyard – Cover

Boneyard Page 13

Boneyard – Page 13

Boneyard Page 13
Boneyard – Page 14
Boneyard Page 13

Boneyard – Page 15

Boneyard Page 13

Boneyard – Page 16


4 Responses to “”

  1. I always enjoy your dialogue! This looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Eliot Lyons Says:

    I implore you to come back to Boneyard more often, if not exclusively. I’m sure the reason you stepped away was from burn-out, but it is just such an incredible world that begs to be written about until the sun fades and the earth cools.

    • Sorry to bring bad news, but I’ve just recently left the comics biz. Macabre is out now, then the Boneyard 1-shot hits sometime in or after August, but that’s pretty much it. Maybe the occasional pinup special or one-shot, but otherwise that’s it. You can get more details on my decision at Thanks for the kind words, though. And I hope you like the 1-shot. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed those characters.

      Best, Richard


      • Eliot Lyons Says:

        It’s genuinely painful to hear that you’re leaving the field. I’m sure you’ve looked into plenty of the angles out there, but have you considered moving more of your stuff to the web?

        Probably one of the best examples out there of a “comic book” webcomic would be, It’s really funny stuff if you havent read it, and the authors update regularly, up to 3 pages a week but most are more like twice. They’re supported through ‘merch, prints, books, and advertising revenue. Yet another longshot, but I imagine it’s better than dropping it all together, and your stuff is infinitely better than a lot of the webcomics out there, including several that make a living off of it. Megatokyo is another good one to check out, it’s in more of a manga style.

        If I can’t inspire you with another option, at the very least I can pass on some good reading material.

        However this turns out, know that you do have fans out there that would pick up anything you put out.

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