post-ComiCon decompression

     Well, they said it would never happen, but it is: I’m posting. I happened to be out of the cave foraging for “food” and thought, Alright, FINE. That’s a lot of enthusiasm from me when it comes to posting. (I should be doing something more productive, and so should anyone reading this! But ya gotta network, I’m told…)      So, did anyone hear about this ComiCon thing they had a few weeks back down in San Diego? It’s a huge multimedia  platform promoting blockbuster movies, video games, tv shows, and I hear there are even some comics there if you look hard enough.                                                                                                It was an odd experience for me this year. It was the first time (since my actual first time there) that I haven’t had a new book out to promote, and therefore didn’t do any signing or sketching at my publishers’ tables. Nothing to do but wander around and look at very cool–and very expensive–stuff. I felt like such a slacker. I’d planned to have a folio (Faeries) to sell, but printing problems prevented its grand debut at San Diego. When I get caught up on some other stuff, I’ll iron out the printing problems and possibly make it available online. I’ll try to post a sample or two here.                                                                                     These days I’m writing a lot. And I mean A LOT. I’ve come to realize that there are projects I want to write and illustrate, and projects that I want to write only. For some stories my style simply isn’t right, and it’s all about serving the story. So I’m writing several miniseries that I’ll be shopping around to publishers solely as scripts, as well as the next few stories I’ll be illustrating. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and not write out every little detail too far in advance, but the need to juggle deadlines has made me recognize  the need for planning. I also want to avoid future versions of this exchange:

      Editor:    Hey, that sounds great. How many issues are you planning?                                                     Me:        Uhhh…four…?                                         

     My wife, Jackie, just got me that Dragon program, the one that lets you dictate into a headset and the program supposedly prints it all out in script form. We’ll see.  Advanced technology seems to hate me…and it’s mutual. I still consider digital illustration a form of inscrutable alchemy practiced only by a select elite who refuse to acknowledge the cybernetic implants they’ve accepted in exchange for this unnatural skill. Scripts I write for myself don’t apply, as I storyboard those on the side as I go. Show me a program that does that and I’m in.






7 Responses to “post-ComiCon decompression”

  1. I have a lot of friends who swear by digital artwork, whether it’s from the rough stages to the finished product, or just the inking or whathaveyou. I use Manga Studio for lettering & toning my webcomic, but all the actual artwork (pencils & inks) are done in the traditional manner. On paper. The right way 🙂 (j/k for all those digital folks).

    • I don’t actually mean to badmouth digital work. As I’ve often said, I wish I possessed that skill; I’ll always prefer hands-and-brush-on-paper, but it would be nice to have the option, especially when time is a factor.

  2. Eliot Lyons Says:

    Fantastic that you’ve started this up, hope to see more posts from you in the future, you’ve been a comic legend to me and many of my friends. Your art is absolutely fantastic and I love walking through the local comic shop and seeing something out of the corner of my eye that screams “Hey, New Richard Moore comic right here!!” You’ve got a one of a kind style that stands out.

    Keep up the good work, (hope to see a return to Boneyard one of these years, no pressure, but it’s a genius series and I hate to think of it as being over)

    • Hey Eliot. Glad to hear my work screams…now if I could just get it to scream what I WANT it to scream. Or maybe sing instead of screaming. Anyway, to your second point, as you may have seen on my Facebook page, I do finally have new Boneyard material coming out. It’s the first of several one-shots, coming in July from Antarctic Press. I’ll post some samples here soon. In the meantime, you can see the cover image in the photos section of my Facebook page.

  3. Hey, any word on new material? You’re pretty solidly on my “buy anything this guy publishes” list and it’s been a while since Gobs….

    • I had a bunch of samples of new work up here, but I screwed something up and had to take it all down. With luck I’ll get it all back up before the books actually come out.
      In May (very soon, in fact), I’ll be coming out with Macabre, a humorous, sexy take on the old horror anthologies, like Eerie and Creepy. It’s a 1-shot, but I’ll be doing more in the future. And in July I’m putting out the first new Boneyard material in a long time. It’s the first of several one-shots. Both are from Antarctic Press, and you can see previews of both on my Facebook page (until I get it all re-posted here, of course).

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