Launching New Blog

In an effort to connect more with fans, and to promote my work, I’m launching a new blog. Here you will find my official website that includes information on my projects of the past, scans of my art, and from time to time word on new projects in the works. The place is pretty bare-bones right now, but I’ll be adding stuff all the time, so be sure to visit often. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Richard Moore


4 Responses to “Launching New Blog”

  1. Hey Richard! It’s GREAT to see you finally have an official webpage to follow, but what about the little girl and platypus standing at the gate( ) I used to check that webpage every week for something new. Anyway…I’m loving Gobs! Keep it up! Thanks

    • You and me both.
      That was an attempt to get a real ass-kicking site up, with all the bells and whistles…and actually, the parts that were completed did in fact kick their proportional share of said ass. But the friend who was doing it was working for free, and, well, paying gigs took priority, and the site was left to gather dust. It’s the kind of thing that happens when artists insist on eating and paying rent. Materialistic bastards.
      This new version has the advantage of existing as a functioning site, plus it doesn’t require a webmaster to maintain it. All I have to do is pry myself away from my work to respond to posts and post new stuff more often than every other blue moon…

  2. Oh yeah…I posted the commission you did of Ebony Atlas on my tumblr page: She’s just too cute. Thanks!

  3. Glad you liked it. As you know, I’m always iffy on doing other people’s characters. It can be tricky getting it right, especially when you’re not familiar with the character to start with. I once saw a sketch of my character Meg, from Far West, done in manga style. Tiny nose, huge eyes, even huger boobs…none of which is Meg. So I always wonder if the person who’s just thanked you for your rendering of their character is walking away thinking, “What the hell is this crap…?”

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